Drain Tray Mod for Acaia Lunar Scale
Drain Tray Mod for Acaia Lunar Scale

Drain Tray Mod for Acaia Lunar Scale


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COMPATIBILITY: Fits 2017-on production Mozzafiato Evoluzione Type v, Rocket Giotto Evoluzione Type V, Rocket R60V, or Rocket R58

FOR CONFIRMATION OF FIT CHECK TRAY DIMENSIONS: 257mm x 151mm x 15mm (10.125" x 5.9" x .6"). If these dimensions match then the drip tray here will fit.

This kit is the easiest way to add a shot timer and brew weight to your Rocket espresso machine. The Acaia Lunar auto-tare - auto-start mode is awesome, and makes keeping track of your brew ratio super easy. Set your cup on the scale, BOOP, auto tare. Start your shot, and the timer starts automatically! Want to troubleshoot some extraction problems? The app shows your flowrate. This can help you figure out if you have a distribution or uneven extraction problem.

Pantechnicon has designed and fabricated a drop-in replacement for your Rocket Mozzafiato, Rocket Giotto, R60V, or Rocket R58 drain tray to mount the Acaia Lunar brew scale flush with the surface of the drain tray. This gives you more room to work, easily accommodating your ceramics, Lunar scale, and double spout portafilter. No more wiggling your cup under the spouts just so! We also include a 3d printed diverter spout for the brew exhaust port. This little detail keeps your scale clean by directing the spray of coffee into the drain. Also included is a rubber micro-USB plug to keep debris out of your charging port on your scale.